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What is Digital Transformation?

What is Digital Transformation?

Buzzword: Digital Transformation

Change is difficult. Everything works the way you’ve always done it, even if that means sacrificing some speed and efficiency. Digital transformation is the transition from pen & paper to automation; from physical to digital processes. The reality is that business is going online and those who adapt first have an incredible operational advantage over their competition. Reduce cost and friction while increasing speed and efficiency to boost your organization’s productivity by orders of magnitude. What is the simplest way to plan your organization’s digital transformation road map? Contact us at Hagan Business Machines. Collectively we have hundreds of years’ experience transforming physical document infrastructure into simple & secure digital workflows that can save hundreds or thousands of labor hours. One major misconception is that digital transformation requires extensive system overhauls, but this isn’t true. Often you can reduce your workload significantly with a few well-placed solutions. Your customers will rejoice when you pass along the savings. It’s never too early to begin planning your digital transformation road map. Call us to schedule an analysis of your document workflow and infrastructure and see what we can do to reduce cost and boost productivity in your organization.

An Example of Digital Transformation Success:

A smaller insurance office contacted us in hopes we could help them identify gaps and opportunities in their document workflow to reduce waste and cost-per-page. Immediately we identified redundancy in their printers: each workspace had been using costly desktop printers for tasks much better suited for a single MFP copier. Next we looked at mail costs. The customer didn’t think they had the volume to justify outsourcing, however the cost of preparing mail was really taking a toll on the small workforce. By implementing a business process automation solution from Hagan we were able to completely eliminate manual, labor-intensive processes of preparing and stuffing envelopes. Without changing their current system, physical mail could now be outsourced as a batch or single item with one click, sent as usual or delivered via email or text message based on client preference. End-to-end document security ensures no mail ever goes to the wrong address and provides them with a detailed look at how each piece was processed. Our solutions can bring your organization into the digital workspace without removing your legacy systems. Contact us today.

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