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Reducing Cost Per Page

Reducing Cost Per Page

Copiers cost per page is the invisible hand that guides the day-to-day print operations. If you’ve ever been unsure as to why management is so hung up on the number of copies, it’s probably because the cost structure of the printer or copier is tied to the volume. This isn’t uncommon in the industry; in fact its the standard. How can you reduce the cost without sacrificing productivity or sanity? In short, we at Hagan do this every day. Reducing cost per page is not inconsequential, either. You can do it and it does make a noticeable difference. Schedule a no-obligation cost analysis with us and we will do the work for you. At the very least a cost analysis is valuable information to your organization. When it comes down to it, what are the most frequent areas of cost reduction?

  1. Service
  2. Supplies
  3. Efficiency

We can break it down even further: We at Hagan Business Machines are your local experts. Our local service ensures your organization is never down and out. When you call for service or supplies, you’re connect to a real person right here in Erie. When we ship supplies, it’s from our office which reduces delivery costs. Above all, we’re industry experts with decades of experience; no corporate enterprise will give you the personal experience of getting to know you and your organization like Hagan Business Machines.

Local Copier Service from Hagan Business Machines

We offer same day copier service, often times in less than four hours. If a call comes late in the afternoon, we can be there first thing in the morning. Our fast service is what separates us from the competition because being local is our competitive advantage, and that cannot be replicated. What we save in time and money by being near our customers is what we pass along as savings. Give us an opportunity to provide your organization a cost analysis today.

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