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Desktop Printers from Hagan Business Machines

When you can buy printers at many big-box stores or online from various retailers, we appreciate you stopping at Hagans to do some research.  Local support is the driving factor behind many customer decisions. If you are looking to purchase a desktop printer for your Erie organization, consider speaking with a printer expert from Hagan Business Machines. We supply and service more than just large copiers, and no print job is too small to justify a small desktop printer. Allow us to answer some common questions surrounding desktop printers and how they can support your business operations.

What’s the difference between an Inkjet vs. LaserJet?

While both inkjet printers and LaserJet printers will get the job done, there are a few key differences that set the two apart. The three most important differences are:

  1. Printing Speed
  2. Print Quality
  3. Printing Cost

The cost to purchase an inkjet or LaserJet isn’t all that different until you consider ink and toner

Inkjet uses, you guessed it, liquid ink. LaserJet uses toner. In short, toner is powdered ink that is bound to paper using static electricity. Inkjet printers are strictly more cost-effective when printing small volumes. When you need to print out large volumes of paper, especially in black and white, LaserJet is the most cost-effective solution. LaserJet printers can print in color too, however the quality is not up to par with inkjet printers. Generally speaking if you have a small volume of a dozen pages a day, an inkjet is best for you. If you’re printing more than a dozen pages a day you should consider a LaserJet printer unless photo-quality color is necessary.

Print quality differences between inkjet and LaserJet

Inkjet printers produce much higher quality prints, especially in terms of color. If you are printing professional quality color for brochures, photos or flyers you will want to trust an inkjet printer to get the job done. LaserJet printers specialize sacrifice crisp color for speed, but that does not mean the prints are low quality or low resolution. With the naked eye you will not notice the difference in quality of a black and white form printed from either machine. Color printing is different but that is not to say LaserJet color is poor. For printing color forms or documents on letterhead, a LaserJet will do just fine.

Printing speed differences between inkjet and LaserJet

While the overall speed measured in pages per minute (ppm) varies by printer, LaserJet printers are faster than inkjet. A general idea would be that an inkjet printer produces around 10 pages per minute while LaserJet produces 20 or 30 pagers per minute.

Other notable differences between inkjet and LaserJet printers include

  1. Toner drums hold significantly more toner than ink cartridges do ink, having the capacity for thousands of pages vs only hundreds for ink
  2. There is a much greater variability in speeds and configurations for LaserJet printers. Most copiers and MFP’s rely on LaserJet printing technology
  3. LaserJet printers tend to be better serviced and more reliable than inkjet printers due to many technical factors within the machine


Contact Hagans today with any questions you may have and let our experts identify the perfect solution for you.

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