Mailing & Shipping Solutions For Document Management & Organization

Hagan Business Machines offers mailing and shipping solutions that are designed to make document creation, organization, management, and shipping easier for you. Whether you’re looking to keep cleaner contact databases or track physical mail and parcels, Hagan has a solution that will optimize your company’s efficiency. Take a moment to read about our wide variety of mailing and shipping services, and contact us about improving your business’s shipping process today.

A woman using a desktop printer
A woman using a desktop printer

Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Mail integrity is often overlooked, but what’s inside the envelope is frequently private and important. The mailing and shipping solutions offered by Hagan Business Machines can help you maintain organized contact databases with accurate and up-to-date addresses. These will in turn help you improve the overall deliverability and security of your mail and packages.

Document Creation & Output

Our document creation and output software can help your company create personalized documents that are optimized for machine processing and postal discount programs. Hagan’s staff can provide process automation and integrity that ensure only the intended recipient receives their vital communications.

Delivery Channel Management

Looking to improve the efficiency of your company’s distribution process? The experts at Hagan Business Machines can help you distribute documents or communications via physical mail and digital delivery, based on the preferred format of your customers.

Mail Tracking & Certified Mail® Management

Let Hagan Business Machines help consolidate your mail and shipment tracking. Certified Mail® Management allows you to upload your documents to our mail prep facility, where we’ll do all the work for you. Save up to 40% on Certified Mail while electronically accessing delivery information and images of recipient signatures.

Document Folding & Inserting

Hagan Business Machines can take your mail processing time from hours to minutes. Allow us to automate your company’s mail assembly with high-performance, ultra-secure document handling equipment.

Mail Printing & Addressing

Are you looking to get more out of your flyers and envelopes or add USPS intelligence to your mailings? Hagan’s envelope printing and addressing solutions provide stand-out stationery and intelligence that reduces both cost and delivery time. Simply direct your mail preparation for us, and we’ll do the rest.

A woman using a desktop printer
A woman using a desktop printer

Mail Metering & Reporting

In need of mail metering and reporting? Hagan Business Machines can get your mail out the door with ease. We help you analyze your company’s spending patterns and allocate costs to get your business back on track. Metered mail is discounted and even processed faster by the USPS.

Parcel Shipping

Looking to optimize your business’s shipping processes? Hagan Business Machines offers shipping solutions that allow you to compare all carriers by cost and delivery speed to ensure you pick the best value for your shipment.

Inbound Mail & Parcel Management

With Hagan Business Machines’ inbound mail and parcel management services, you can now track the arrival, movement, and final delivery of packages from the comfort of your facility. Implement these solutions with us today and open a whole day’s worth of your business’s mail in mere minutes. Ensure all packages are accounted for and delivered to the correct location with internal package tracking and parcel locker solutions for businesses of any size.

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