Manage Your Printing Costs & Support Services For Less

Did you know that 90 percent of companies fail to properly track their printing costs? Even more alarming is that according to Marconet, these companies could save up to 30 percent by simply setting some kind of basic document infrastructure process in place. Fortunately, Hagan Business Machines provides all of the software and services your company’s printers require, for one convenient cost-per-page.

Our managed print services can help you control the cost of office printing and increase printing support for your employees. At Hagan, we understand that it can be difficult to gain a clear view of what you’re spending on printing, making it even harder to lower these costs. That’s why we offer customized solutions that allow our individual customers to take control and measure their printing – information they can then use to maximize workflow efficiency.

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Superior Managed Print Services At Affordable Rates

Unregulated office-wide printing has been estimated to consume up to 3 percent of companies’ annual revenue. While most companies also have opportunities to reduce these costs, they simply don’t have the right plans for cost control in place. Hagan Business Machines can start implementing our managed print services for your company today by arranging an assessment of your current environment. If you are one of many companies that struggles with identifying your document infrastructure, don’t sweat it; we can help you with that part of the process, too. Based on this assessment, Hagan can then implement a managed print solution to streamline support requests and improve company-wide efficiency while saving you money.

To ensure our managed print solutions continue to be the right fit for your business, Hagan encourages regular business reviews. We use these reviews as an opportunity to identify new ways to save on costs and adjust our solution as you see fit. By providing high-quality supplies and proper print configurations at an economic rate, Hagan Business Machines stands to reduce your printing costs exponentially. Contact us to schedule your assessment today.

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